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The Interesting Journey of Haze Long


Haze Long is an artist living in Malaysia. So far, the journey has been fun. She is an artist, but she is best known as a makeup artist on previous blogs.

“I’ve been doing crazy things like putting sugar on my face and putting on my makeup until I look like Keira Knightley.”

The old blog is still alive for the sake of nostalgia. “I’ve ported the blog to the current domain. You can see retro oldies in the Beauty Tutorials section.”

She is the first and only Blog Designer in Malaysia. “I completed more than 30 jobs in blogging and web design in the first year. Mathematics and logic are my most prominent attraction. Web design and development allows me to be an artist and an expert. I still code and design sometimes, but not for more clients. “

She co-founded Paint Lust with Vinn Pang in 2011. That is called super fantastic loot, or Swoot Creative for short. They do printing, design, web development, murals, 3D, and social media marketing. In 2013, our journey ended.

Haze founded Art Misfits in 2013 to create extraordinary works of art on the walls and enhance the local art industry. Art Misfits has become a leader in the mural and illusion art creation industry. “We even got the top 10% of the Cradle funded Trainer & Grow Program in 2014. Please see artmisfits.com for the latest updates.”

In 2015, Haze took a step back from Art Misfits and focused on my painting and fine arts. With my team’s help, she became famous as a fast painter who can paint different visuals in each show. “I focus on performing with my spinning easel and can speed up painting up to 2 paintings at once! You can see my profile on MalaysiaSpeedPainter.com.”

More info: Haze Long 

After years of paying attention to the direction of the clients they worked with at Art Misfits, she happily began creating what she wanted, not what anyone else wanted. Armed with previous experience, she started creating fine art for the mass market.

Haze founded the GoJyu5 Art Shop in 2017. The shop location on Publika’s Art Row; was a temporary lease intended explicitly for artists. She collects up to 8 local maker brands during the lease period, hoping to promote retail and the arts and excitement. It was an exhilarating and incredible journey for all involved.


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