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Incredible 3D Street Art Illusions of Worldwide


Today’s 3D paintings may be familiar—lots of 3D images to unique. Painting media is no longer constantly on canvas; Now, artists paint many pictures in public places such as walls and roads.

The art of drawing on the street is of many kinds. Generally, what we often encounter on the highway are graffiti and murals. Over time, street artists began to develop their work to create three-dimensional (3D) drawing art.

But 3D street art takes many forms. Whether it’s through Patrick Commecy‘s classic trompe l’oeil mural or the art of anamorphic from Odeith and Alexis Facca, they are each have a way of playing with optical illusions. And if you want to wear old-fashioned 3D glasses? The artist Alice Pasquini is ready to help you. Her Underlayers project sucks you into her art through 3D photography techniques.

Let’s take a look at various incredible 3D graffiti that take advantage of optical illusions to take you to a land of artistic fantasy. The art of drawing 3D is undoubtedly different from drawing in general, which is only 2D. The difference in natural impression looks like what we can get when viewing 3D images. And indeed, this 3D drawing art will be excellent if applied on the streets. Undoubtedly, the results from various sources deserve immense praise given to artists such as Leon Keer or Nikolaj Arndt. Curios? Scroll down at some of the fantastic 3D images below!

“3D street art comes in all shapes and sizes, from anamorphic illusions to trompe l’oeil murals.”

#1 Leon Keer

Leon Keer

#2 Odeith


#3 Patrick Commecy

Patrick Commecy

#4 Nkolaj Arndt

Nkolaj Arndt

#5 Joe and Max

Joe and Max (Photo Credit: Joe Pepler/REX)

#6 Peeta


#7 1010

1010  (Image via Chicago Culture Couple )

#8 Felice Varini

Felice Varini

#9 Odeith


#10 WD Street Art

WD Street Art

#11 Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller

#12 Patrick Commecy

Patrick Commecy

#13 Peeta


#14 Eduardo Rolero

Eduardo Rolero

#15 WD Street Art

WD Street Art

#16 David Zinn

David Zinn

#17 Edgar Mueller

Edgar Mueller

#18 Alexis Facca

Alexis Facca

#19 Alice Pasquini and Stefano C. Montesi

Alice Pasquini and Stefano C. Montesi. Images via Gloria Viggiani




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