The Cute Imaginary Animals Creature From Clay & Artificial Fur

Clay is a craft with flour ingredients that the manufacturing process is similar to ceramic arts. The strength and uniqueness of clay are that...

Italian Artist Creates Incredible Metal Wire Expressionist Symbolic Sculptures

Sometimes the work of artists cannot be imagined by ordinary people in general. Armed with high imagination makes unique artists create various objects with...

Cute Animal Sculptures At The San Antonio Zoo Are Created Of Lego Bricks

Although this pandemic is not over, several tourist sites have begun to be opened to the public but are required to continue to comply...

House Of An Ex-Pilot Transformed Into Antique Steampunk Museum

Steampunk is a science-fiction genre that blends the steam engine era as its central theme with various fiction and fantasy elements. The mainly setting...

Beautiful Replicas Of Various Insects And Other Animals From Flowers And Leaves

In the world of art, the willingness to explore various things in this world is quite important. With an in-depth exploration or observation of...

One Of The Best Hyper-Realistic Paintings And Sculptures Around The World

Painting is an art that has the painter's meaning to describe something behind a brush and canvas. Everyone is not born with a talent...

Using Only Pencils Can Produce Super Impressive Paintings Look Like Camera Shots

An Artist from South Africa using only pencils and paper can produce super cool paintings similar to photo. Jono Dry never attended an art class...

Stunning Miniature Oil Painting On Plexiglas, 2″ Diameter By Dina Brodsky

Currently, the artwork is not limited to the same media. Many artists are creative and want to show different and second to none works....

Krystle Suzanne Creates Extraordinary Painting With Media Canvas Of Feather

Painting on canvas, walls, zinc, and stone is a common thing. How about painting with feather media? Maybe you haven't seen, rarely, or heard...

Incredible Willow Sculptures By Anna

Generally, the making of sculptures is done in the city center either in open or closed spaces. Most of the manufacture also use common...

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