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Do You Dare to Eat these Cakes?

That is not the clay or plastic figurine you usually find in toy fairs, but an elaborate food decoration by Zhou Yi. Zhou Yi...

Unique and Exotic Paintings on Lips by Ryan Kelly

Creative arts is always astonishing. What unique is the lip painting art of makeup artists? It uses its lips as a canvas medium and...

Fabulous 3D Pencil Drawings

Many of us are very dependent on computers to deliver 3D effects. But for those who have a high artistic spirit, 3D painting can...

Reflections Of Figurative The Wood Carving Sculptures

The artists always come up; the latest ideas, unique and different. The artworks often amaze someone. Not a few art lovers and ordinary people...

Magic 3d Tattoo Realism Style By Jesse Rix

In the new modern era, there are lots of 3D artworks. Almost all 3D images can resemble the real, which amazes people. But have...

Amazing Wood Carving Master From Russia

This artist has a very supportive environment because he got expertise from his carpenter's family for generations. Besides having a high skill, talent, and...

Fantastic Hyper-realistic Sculptures from Recycled Cardboard

Sculptures do not only relate to complex objects as media like stone or wood. Many various media to create stunning sculptures. Based in England...

Incredible 3D Pencil Drawings

An incredible illustrator from Santiago, Chile, Fredo (Wladimir Inostroza ) who only uses a pencil drawing and paper, but the works he produced was as...

Mesmerizing of The Wire-Sculptures like A Melody and Dance of Wind Blowing!

Martin Debenham, a British artist, although living in the countryside of Dorset, he was able to create sculptures of wire with intricate details and...

The Cute Imaginary Animals Creature From Clay & Artificial Fur

Clay is a craft with flour ingredients that the manufacturing process is similar to ceramic arts. The strength and uniqueness of clay are that...

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