Stunning Miniature Oil Painting On Plexiglas, 2″ Diameter By Dina Brodsky

Currently, the artwork is not limited to the same media. Many artists are creative and want to show different and second to none works....

Krystle Suzanne Creates Extraordinary Painting With Media Canvas Of Feather

Painting on canvas, walls, zinc, and stone is a common thing. How about painting with feather media? Maybe you haven't seen, rarely, or heard...

Exotic Space Expressionist Painting By Cathrin Machin

Expressionism is the flow of art that considers that art is something that comes out of artists, not from the imitation of the natural...

Illustrations Of The Romantic Relation – That’s Really So Sweet!

The artwork is endless; from songs, books, paintings, even illustrations, everything can look beautiful, especially with a touch of love. In work, an artist can...

The Amazing Illustrations Of The Little Mermaid-Story

Almost everyone likes Disney movies, both young and old because the theme of the storyline, animation technology, and overall quality deserves a thumbs up....

Believe Me, This Is A Real Paintings!

When you glance at this work of art, you might consider it photo portraits that document someone's personality. However, if seen more clearly and...

The Magic Of Hyper-realistic Paintings By Dru Blair

Artwork created by an artist often amazes a person. Of course, it takes ideas and innovation to create a work of art that is...

An Ode to Childhood and Obsession With Drawing Big Cats by Nick Sider

Internationally known artist, Nick Sider, is a self-taught acrylic painter, based out of New York City. Since the age of 5, Sider knew he...

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