A Dark Style of Anamorphosis by Odeith

Sérgio ‘Odeith’ was born in 1976 in Damaia (Portugal). It was in the mid-1980s when he used a spray can for the first time....

An Ode to Childhood and Obsession With Drawing Big Cats by Nick Sider

Internationally known artist, Nick Sider, is a self-taught acrylic painter, based out of New York City. Since the age of 5, Sider knew he...

Master of Architectural Illusion, Alex Chinneck

Alex Chinneck is a British sculptor known for creating temporary public artworks. He was educated at Bedford Modern School, where his father taught PE....

Mona Caron, The Painting’s Narratives to Spark Conversations and Critical Awareness

Mona Caron is a Swiss-born, San Francisco-based artist, using mural-ism, illustration, and photography in both her art and artivism. Her focus is on community-informed...

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