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House of An Ex-Pilot Transformed into Antique Steampunk Museum

Steampunk is a science-fiction genre, blends the steam engine era as its central theme with various fiction and fantasy elements. The mainly setting use...

Tremendous Replicas Of Various Insects And Other Animals From Flowers And Leaves

In the world of art, the willingness to explore various things in this world is quite important. With an in-depth exploration or observation of...

One of the Best Hyper-Realistic Paintings and Sculptures around the World

Painting is an art that has meaning for the painter to explain anything behind the canvas and brush. Somebody is not born with a...

Stunning Small Oil Painting On Plexiglas, 2″ Diameter By Dina Brodsky

Currently, the artwork is not limited to the same media. Many artists are creative and want to show different and second to none works....

Krystle Suzanne Creates Extraordinary Paintings with Media Canvas of Feather

Paintings on canvas, walls, zinc, and stone are general things. How about creating images on feather media? Maybe you haven't seen, even not heard...

This Artist Combines Images And Nature Objects To Produce Extraordinary Works

The Inspirations can come from anywhere at any time. And it seems this artist got his inspiration from nature. He creates images, can take...

Extraordinary Giant Recycled Sculptures on Display in Parks and Forests – Far from the...

Visiting an art exhibition might be a fun destination. Some artists will hold an array to let others see their works. However, it turns...

The Amazing Illustrations Of The Little Mermaid-Story

Almost everyone likes Disney movies, both young and old, because the theme of the storyline, animation technology, and overall quality deserves a thumbs up....

How To Make Eye Painting


Communicating With The Observer About The Things Of Everyday Life

Born in Tehran, Iran, Golsa Golchini, since 2004, she living and working as a visual artist and photographer in Milan. Golchini graduated in 2010...

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