Paper Art Is Influenced by Architecture, Nature, and Intricate Patterns

By on February 7, 2017
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Raya Sader Bujana is a Lebanese-Venezuelan paper artist based in Barcelona. Working in collaboration with photographer Leo García Méndez, Raya crafted this cool series of olympic athlete figures using layers of paper.

“Each figure is cut from up to 150 pieces of paper joined by hundreds of tiny 3mm separators to create the delicate layering effect.”

After studying architecture in Venezuela at the U.C.V. all the way until her last semester, she had to move away to Barcelona and tried to continue/start over her studies at the U.P.C. for 3 years, untii she decided to drop out in 2008 and focus on what she do best: Paper Art and Design.

“I kinda always knew it’s what I wanted to do and am very happy to be able to do it for a living now. I’ve created stop-motion videos, commissioned pieces and sculptures, worked with brands like 7UP, Camper and DOIY and am currently working on new exhibitions for my artwork.

My work is very influenced by my strong background in architecture, my love of nature and it’s intricate patterns.”

art-paper-olympics-01 art-paper-olympics-02 art-paper-olympics-03 art-paper-olympics-04

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