Modern Wall Cabinet by Filip Janssens

By on October 11, 2016
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Belgian interior and furniture designer Filip Janssens has created Rupture, an unmistakably modern cabinet that features a stylized “crack” fracturing its façade. With ample cupboard space and shelves of various sizes, the striking storage unit is as practical as it is beautiful.

Janssens is known for his custom, made-to-measure storage pieces that look as if there’s a tear in them and now he has designed his first freestanding wall cabinet with fixed measurements.

Rupture features a similar look with the front appearing to have an irregular torn exterior. The cabinet is made up of a series of closed white compartments in various sizes that surround a collection of open modules, some of which have colored mouth blown glass fronts. The piece can also be customized with the addition of indirect LED lighting.

While Janssens typically creates bespoke, made-to-order pieces, Rupture is a fixed-measurement readymade. Though it diverges from his usual oeuvre, it retains his signature aesthetic and still demonstrates his experimental approach: “Designing is like painting an abstract geometric artwork but in 3D. Lines become dimensions and volumes. I’m testing all possibilities with modular volumes: using a volume inside another volume, asymmetry, working in different layers or depths, open and closed volumes, working only with the outline of the volume.” Source:,,

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