Beautiful Fashion Design Using Flowers by Georgie St Clair

By on March 1, 2017
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Georgie St Clair is an artist, designer illustrator, all round creative type. She is a Mother of 3 kids and live in a quite ordinary semi in Brighton, UK. When she is not being chief cook, maid, taxi driver and referee to her 3 kids she work part-time in digital marketing. If there is a spare moment in the day, she love to draw or dig out her camera.

“I love elegant design, fashion illustration, white space and florals. Lots of florals. SO much so I make designs and illustrations from them. I also sell some of my creations, floral and botanical prints, on Etsy & Not On the High Street.

My aim is simple: Live simply, gracefully and creatively, everyday. I firmly believe that being creative is the root to leading a more fulfilled life.

Oh yes my other aim: to survive being a mum to a 4 year old and 2 teenage boys.”

A shy little Georgie grew up on a diet of watching Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly movies, listening to old school Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong. The glamorous and elegant aesthetic of these old movies, the emotion and romance in the music, has inspired me ever since. She is also lover of natural beauty and can get ridiculously enthusiastic about the texture of wood, the colour of a petal, the tone of the sky.

One day she’d love to experience living and working in Paris doing something wonderfully glamorous, whilst wafting about in a floaty dress, pretending to be Audrey Hepburn. As a rather ordinary Mum of 3, she dreamed of a life where she could wear beautiful dresses, made from the florals and botanicals that inspire her art every day.

“I have 3 children, live a very busy life with my job and illustration business. Sassy is the part of me who travels the world, getting inspiration from places such as the beautiful cities of Paris, Rome or Florence. From Japanese gardens to the Maldives beaches.

The idea came about simply because I was drawing the same character and imagining her in these glamorous destinations in her beautiful petals dresses. She’s cheeky, sexy, chic and needed a name…Voila! Sassy Du Fleur was born.

Whilst I lead a life in jeans and t-shirts, Sassy and her ever-changing wardrobe travels the world to the places that I dream of, whilst driving my Mum taxi.

Sassy du Fleur turns a scattering of petals into an enviable evening gown. Sassy can promenade along the Champs Elysees in a rose petal skirt, wander the streets of Rome in a botanical leaf dress, charleston the night away at a speakeasy club in a tropical inspired dress made from a Protea flower. She shares a memory and sheds a tear on Remembrance Sunday in her Poppy inspired dress. Sassy du Fleur marches with the woman around the world in protest to injustice and discrimination.

Why do I use flowers and foliage? Flowers and foliage share the beauty, grace, and strength that every woman possesses inside. Both will thrive when nurtured with care and respect.

Sassy will shortly be opening her shop of floral and botanical inspired designer wares.”


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