Amazing Luxury Tropical Island Yacht

By on January 26, 2017
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This impressive tropical island yacht has been designed by the UK based yacht design company Yacht Island Designs, and it’s an impressive concept that come true for its designers.

The idea of this amazing yacht seems to be an exciting new approach in the world of custom, luxurious yacht design.The architecture and details of this concept is just amazing, and tries to resemble a little piece of paradise, that’s why it was also called the Tropical Island Paradise.

This floating tropical island would measure 90 meters in length, and would be made out of steel and feature a great “volcano” built on the yacht that guides water flowing down to its luxurious pool, surrounded by beautiful huts and luscious greenery. The yacht offers a lot of space to build a luxurious environment, and features a retractable beach deck in the back of the yacht which is an additional comfortable relaxation zone.

The yacht offers four VIP guest suites and a special and incredible owner’s suite built into the volcano, and is equipped with the latest high-end features like a cinema, library, games room, gym and sauna, all you could imagine in this little paradise that would sail away in the sunset. Source:

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