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Tiana Maros, Stuck To The Canvas Like A Dreamcatcher

Sep 02, 2019
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Tiana Maros was born in 1994 in Vienna with a croatian-bosnian background, use 3D modeling, 2D digital painting, traditional painting and photography to create Art.

She has to find a way to deal with the intensity of her emotions in a productive way. She decided to paint her feelings as a way of letting them out and at the same time help others relate to the experience of being her.

After completing each painting the feeling left her body and stuck to the canvas like a dreamcatcher.

“I named this series SkinDeep and decided to build the canvases larger than myself so when you stand in front of them as an observer, you are overwhelmed by what you see – just the same way I can be overwhelmed by what I feel,” she writes on Boredpanda.

Each Painting represents its own feeling. Some are simple, others complex but all of them are real.

Source: tianamaros.com, instagram.com/tiana.artist, boredpanda.com


2010-2015 Photography Diploma at HTL Graphische in Vienna, Austria

2015-2018 ‘3D Generalist’ Certificate at the Gnomon School Of Visual Effects in Hollywood, California


2014 Group Exhibit at the Essl Museum in Vienna, Austria

2018 Solo Exhibition ZOOTOGRAPHY at Exhibit A Gallery in Los Angeles, California


2018/19 Visual Development Artist / Concept Artist Monkeybrain Studios

2018 Internship at Trapdoor Pictures – Mattepainter Hollywood, California

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