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Cancer, Music, and Art of Bob Dob

Sep 17, 2018
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Bob Dob was born and raised in the once lazy beach town of Hermosa Beach California. After his child hood dream of becoming a pro baseball player was taken from him due to a battle with cancer he gravitated towards music and art. Playing in a punk band for 10 years named Lunacy, the exposure to the music scene in Los Angeles would have great influence on his art.

While focusing on music theory at a local community college Bob began taking drawing and painting classes. Eventually his interest in art took over and he transferred to Otis College of Art and Design in 1998 where he earned his Bachelors Fine Art Degree in illustration.

After graduation in 2001 he freelanced working for such clients as The Fox Family Channel, Aflac, Kraft, Intel, The Village Voice, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Random House Publishing, and numerous editorial magazines.

In 2004 Bob had his first gallery show at the world famous La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood California. He has since participated in solo and group shows at galleries throughout the United States and Europe. He is always working on his next solo show and freelancing as an illustrator. He recently started a children’s clothing line called Imp Clothing, which celebrates the mischief in every child.

Bob now lives in Hermosa’s neighbor city of Redondo Beach where he draws, paints, and drinks coffee all day. Occasionally distracted by his 3 children, including twins that were born June 2009. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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