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Meaningful and Very Poetic Messages by Polar Bear

Polar Bear is a French street artist, born in 1979, originally from Bordeaux and now based in Paris.

He likes to make his work live on the walls of big cities, from Paris to London, LA, Portland, Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, etc. in the form of multi layer stencils conveying messages loaded with meaning and very poetic.

When he does not expose himself to the outdoors, he picks up reclaimed materials in the street (wooden planks, hobs, doors, etc.) and affixes his stencils.

“Through this Art, i want to give a second life to these materials, using them as a canvas to immerse a small part of their urban history into people’s homes,” he said to Citkart.

His works feature mostly women and kids, in black and white with the exception of a single colourful element attracting attention, and he shared his artwork pics on Instagram, @polarbearstencils. They thus impact by their impressive contrast, echoing with each observer.

Committed to the cause of animal rights since his youth, he has produced a series of endangered species with a powerful slogan ‘Don’t Make Us History’.

He also revisits cinematographic and artistic figures from different eras.

A Few Dates
2011: Start street art
2016: First participation to a collective show (Marianne sur les murs-
Galerie Art Bref)
2016: First Solo Show, LAYERS – (Galerie Art Bref, Paris)
2016: 2 collective shows at LavoMatik, Paris
June 2017: Streetart Charity Night happening for Secours Populaire
Décember 2017: Collective show Dizorder in December
Décember 201: Collective show Noël Art (Galerie Lithium, Paris)
2017: 4 collective shows au LavoMatik – Paris
June 2018: Solo Show PLACEMENT LIBRE (Galerie Lithium, Paris)
June 2018 : Collective Show, Once upon a time in America (YAM
Galerie, Paris)
September 2018 : Collective show at Take a butcher’s gallery (Dusseldorf)

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