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Golf Lovers Are Worried About Health of Tiger Woods

Aug 09, 2018
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One year ago, many golf fans had lost hope that Tiger Woods would ever return to competitive golf and be able to compete at a high level.

The most popular player in the game completed an incredible recovery from back fusion surgery and has played a busy 2018 schedule, but there’s seemingly a collective concern on golf Twitter that Woods could tweak a muscle with any given swing. With every uneven stance near a hazard or massive rip out of the rough, Woods might reset all of his progress and return to the disabled list.

Tiger has committed to playing a grueling amount of golf over the final few weeks of the 2018 season leading up to the Ryder Cup. He briefly led the British Open on Sunday, and after one week of recovery, Woods began a stretch that could include seven starts in the span of two months if he plays the full FedEx Cup playoff slate.

Woods struggled through the final two rounds of the Bridgestone Invitational last weekend, posting two rounds of 73 to slide to a tie for 31st.

The injury speculation on Twitter was rampant, but Woods confirmed on Saturday that he felt “fine,” and chalked up his performance to playing “like crap.” Golf Channel’s Tiger Tracker noted that Woods appeared to be suffering in the sweltering Ohio heat, and the conditions will be just at brutal in St. Louis this weekend.

Woods revealed this week that he prepared to play the fourth major of the year by taking an ice bath to reduce inflammation he was experiencing.

“Just trying to get some inflammation down, and just trying to get ready for the rest of the week,” Woods said Tuesday, saying only that the inflammation was “everywhere,” without elaborating what caused it. “And a lot of stretching. Did a light lift yesterday and was ready to go for today,” he told via AP.

After Woods’ disappointing performance at Firestone, Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner reported that Woods’ swing speed has been steadily declining as the season has progressed.  Woods’ average swing speed last week was 5 mph slower than his average in May, but even with the decline, Woods is still swinging his clubs faster than the majority of the field.

Woods addressed the concerns over his health leading into the PGA Championship, and explained that he won’t be as consistent as he once was due to his age.

“There’s going to be certain days that I’m just not going to have the speed and the flexibility and the movement that I once did. I’m 42 now, and I’ve had four back surgeries. So things are going to be different from day to day, and it’s just about managing it. Before, I didn’t really have any of those issues early in my career because I didn’t have a fixed point in my back. My knee used to hurt a lot, but I could play around that.”

The speculation over Woods’ sudden decline may have contributed to his PGA Championship odds slipping in Vegas. Woods was listed at 20-1 to win earlier this week, but slid to 25-1 on Wednesday.

Tiger Wood’s Guinness Book of Records

Woods claimed 17 Guinness World Records, within golf and 3 other records related to his appearance in the video game. After Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, he holds the third highest number of Guinness World Records claimed by a sportsman within one discipline.

  1. Most consecutive US Amateur golf titles
  2. Most US PGA Tour tournament wins in the modern era
  3. Lowest score under par in the Open golf championships
  4. Most awards for Professional Golfers’ Association Tour Player of the Year
  5. Youngest winner of the golf US Masters
  6. Highest career earnings on the US Professional Golfers’ Association Tour
  7. Largest margin of victory in the golf US Masters
  8. Largest margin of victory in a golf major championships
  9. Most wins of the PGA Player of the Year award
  10. Most consecutive golf Major tournaments won
  11. Highest annual earnings for a golfer
  12. Longest golf drive on the PGA Tour
  13. Lowest total score (72 holes) at the golf US Masters
  14. Longest drive in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
  15. Golf, World Cup – Lowest individual score
  16. Lowest total score (first 54 holes) in the golf US Masters
  17. Highest annual earnings for an athlete (ever)

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